Protect Nordjylland with your vote!
Edgar Anderson Nørresundby Stop fracking

Protect Nordjylland with your vote!

Hi everyone! I assume you live in Nordjylland or elsewhere in Denmark or somewhere else where you consider nature and your right for clean-healthy water as one of most important aspects in life. So ever heard of fracking for shale gas? Some of you have and some of you haven't, and most importantly not everyone even are aware of how it is processed and what are the consequences to be expected from it. And guess what, it is now coming to Nordjylland. Fracking for shale gas has been a hot-new trend of getting more natural resources from underground and simply by drilling and pumping in a lot of chemicals to extract the shale gas, and for you to know the consequences can be quite devastating, both for nature and local communities. Now fracking has come also to Nordjylland, and as a resident, I am concerned about my right for clean-drinkable water in my community, my health and nature. If we make at least some research on fracking, like a documentary "Gasland 2010" that investigates some of those dangers that occurred in US. Then we can start a discussion on it. In fact many communities that were directly affected with fracking, now face high problems with health due to the underground pollution. I hope, I am not alone on this concern, therefore I made this petition to urge a real open debate whether we want fracking around our communities or not. We are in the age when renewable energy is kicking in with an increase of investment and gives a better opportunity for a greener and a healthier community, so we can't make excuses that fracking is the only way towards giving luxury for our lives, neither can we allow ourselves to sacrifice our personal and natural health towards it. So why don't we stop politicians and big corporations on going only for most dangerous and profitable means of income on the cost of our and our planets well-being? Instead why not hear out the researchers and critics, before our politicians allow corporations to exploit the land on which we live, but seems they made decisions for us, either due to lobbyists, ignorance or carelessness. I urge everyone not only to sign this petition to stop fracking but to take responsible investigation, search up the dangers of fracking online from reliable sources and make further debates and conclusions on potential risks we have to expect. Contact your political representatives and remember that we will all suffer from this if nothing is done and we as a community need to stand together, so share it and discuss with everyone else you know. The right to a healthy environment is the right we ought to protect! Say NO to fracking! The difference we can make together, and already today our voices begin to be heard in government and media, because this should not go away unnoticed. Thank you, for your dedication towards protecting the environment!

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4/24/2015 5/24/2015


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Protect Nordjylland with your vote!
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